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Apaxian Spider
Habitat:Temperate lowlands and forests, urban and rural areas.
Description:Shaped and sized much like its cousin the garden spider, the Apaxian is slightly more reddish yellow in color, and differs in body markings. Its glossy body is sleek unless a pregnant female, and its eight legs are thin and precise. Long curved fangs are concealed beneath twin polyps just below its four pairs of eyes. Four miniscule spinarets lie just beneath the rear. Growing up to five or six thums in length, its legspan can exceed a rand when fully extended. They move quite quickly in the realm of their sticky web, first entangling and then wrapping their not-always helpless prey.
Notes:The apaxian is a web-builder, although its webs tend to be sparse and opportunistic. They are not generally aggressive unless unusually molested, but their venom is almost invariably fatal to all but the hardiest humanoids. Their fangs are known to penetrate even thin layers of hard-boiled leather.

The unmolested behavior of the spider is highly typical of spiders in general. Whatever hits the web is dinner or a threat to be avoided.

It must be said that this is a highly deadly venomous arachnid. It has been reported to bite more than once, although once is enough to paralyze many humanoids, but it will often bite until its venom is depleted. Its venom creates excruciating necrotic wounds which spread throughout the body within less than two tolls, leaving the victim partially dissolved, for lack of a better word.

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