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This file contains some examples of how to create basic and advanced aliases.

  • alias lc loot corpse - This allows you to type lc to loot a corpse.

  • alias bc bury corpse - This allows you to type bc to bury a corpse.

  • alias ga get all - This allows you to type ga to pick up all the items in your room.

Variable Aliases: These aliases require a little special syntax. Examples:

  • alias cc channel message chat $* - This allows you to use cc for chat channel (recommended to avoid cross channel slip-ups)

  • alias bob tell bob $* - Use "bob" to send tells to a player named Bob.

  • alias at attack $* - Makes "at" work just like the attack command.

  • alias pb put $1 in bag - With this alias, the first word you type after pb will be what you try to put in a bag.
               You type: pb dagger
                 Result: put dagger in bag

Feel free to make up your own aliases on the fly. Remember to add $* if you need additional parameters for the action you wish to perform.

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