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Alchemists, masters of mixtures, have survived and adapted for thousands and thousands of years in the world of Primrodiax. While historians report that they were once viewed as criminals and untrustworthy charlatans in the far distant past, modern-day alchemists hold a high reputation for creating mixtures that aid everyday life in a multitude of ways, especially with their ability to brew copious amounts of alcohol. This reputation is strictly enforced by the Alchemist, who lives by a code of conduct called the ALF Oath. The ALF Oath simply states that an alchemists potion does exactly what he or she claims it does, nothing more. Alchemists that ignore this creed often find themselves hunted by assassins hired by people in their own profession.

Alchemists work with a variety of materials to create their concoctions. Most of the time they harvest herbs in order to mix them into various compounds, but some recipes are known to require shells from strange beetles and even humanoid bones. For this reason, some obscure cultures still find alchemists to be, for a lack of a better word, creepy. Thus, while they are normally welcomed as businessmen in the three major cities, alchemists have been known to disappear in some of the smaller villages and towns.

Alchemist gear includes a mortar and pestle, a heavy leather apron, and a supple pair of leather gloves. Some alchemists also choose to wear goggles and protective headgear when working with some of the more unstable creations. Alchemists are capable of creating tonics, elixirs, potions, draughts, oils, and ointments.

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