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Aetherium Xenomorph
Habitat:Found in almost all climes, it prefers remote regions with minimal contact with other species until its horrific reproductive cycle begins.
Description:Eight-legged like an arachnid, with an additional pair of pincered appendages, the Xenomorph also possesses a prehensile tail and a highly modified proboscis on its underbelly which metamorphoses into a prehensile ovipositor as its reproductive cycle begins. Ranging anywhere from five to thirty thums in length and up to twenty five thums in legspan, this predator is a formidable and magnificent specimen.
Notes:All who encounter this "insect", those who survive at any rate, largely agree that this species is extremely dangerous and its capture should be attempted only by the most experienced collectors. Attacking by ambush, it may leap up to twelve to fifteen rands, generally assaulting the face. Little more else is known.

There is some evidence to suggest that at one point in Ferami pre-history, these insects were revered, perhaps as scarab beetles are in other cultures.

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