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Who I am in Real Life: Michael Hartman. I am very happily married and the father of 2 beautiful and precocious girls.

Who I am for Primordiax: I am Fulcrum, the administrator of the forum who set it up and will most likely be in charge of keeping it operating properly. I am also the President and CEO of Frogdice, and the head developer of Primordiax. My areas of responsibility include pretty much the entire game and the majority of the code base. I am also responsible for the business side of things for Frogdice.

Work Experience in the Gaming Industry: I have over 17 years of online role playing game development experience. I started off with BBS door games and then moved onto MUDs. My first MUD coding position was on a mud called Frontiers, under the tutelage of the very skilled programmer "Firedoom." The first mud and mudlib that I created from scratch was Astaria. After 2 years of work on Astaria, the owner of the development machine and I went separate ways. It was then that I created Threshold RPG - arguably the most successful role playing required game in the history of online gaming. I continue to work on Threshold RPG as its head administrator and developer.

Hobbies: Other than gaming, I am very much into reading, writing, exercise, watching movies, and rooting for my beloved Georgia Bulldogs. I used to name politics as a major hobby, but I have grown so disenchanted with it over the last few years that I do little more than keep up with current events. I also have a totally awesome wife and two amazing kids that I try to spend as much time with as possible. In that regard, I am very fortunate that I am able to work from home.

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