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Ta'Reakhet Walking Cactus
Habitat:Exceedingly aggressive, highly venomous and difficult to detect, this 'phasmarachnid' is found from deep desert to low scrublands, varying in color according to local vegetation.
Description:Possessing a combination of the most fearsome arachnid weapons, including pincers, fangs, and a prehensile tail with a lethal sting, the Walking Cactus also commands a rather improbable crossover of insectoid features as well, such as ant-like mandibles, a venomous underside stinger and countless serrated spines for defense. With a balled-up diameter of three to five thums, the expanded creature's length including pincers and tail can exceed ten thums.
Notes:One might expect this monstrosity to saunter boldly across the desert, however, its perhaps deadliest trait is its uncanny camouflage manifestation, 'balling up' to appear as a small ground cactus, used both defensively and for hunting prey.

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