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Ranger Ant
Habitat:Remote regions, any but extreme cold.
Description:Primarily a mottled mix of greens and other dappled earth tones, this ant might easily blend into a jungle or forest canopy, despite its formidable four-thum length. Its low squat body segments might go unnoticed were it not for the bright red eyes, double mandibles and stinger, plus a number of reddish hooks, spines and barbs that adorn its limbs. Able to scuttle along at astonishing speeds, it's easy to imagine that this insect could overtake and overcome small animals. Even its dark antennae flicker with intent and menace.
Notes:The last thing on Primordiax a collector would wish to see is a column of ranger ants on one of their foraging marches. They rarely act as a colony, but when they do, little can stand in their path.

The ranger ants are so named because they are rarely encountered, generally in remote locations, and almost invariably as single specimens, giving rise to speculation that like many rangers, they become easily lost. More likely they are a solo predator, or a colonial hymenoptera with vast hunting territories. Large enough to fend well against even small rodents and lizards, their half-thum mandibles are capable of delivering vicious bites, which will not release even if the insect is decapitated.

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