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Phinaou Bug
Habitat:Ta'Raekhet deserts.
Description:Growing up to three and a half thums head to posterior, this beetle is armored in an ovoid carapace which is split approximately thirty percent behind the head of the insect's overall length. The dense chitinous carapace is gloss-grayish metallic in color, reflecting and refracting in almost any light, so they may at any time appear any visible color, which may seem to alter as it moves. Beneath the divided carapace are bright mustard yellow wings which seem to spray some sort of acrid eye-watering pollen-like dust if the insect is threatened or if the carapace is broken. It can flap these wings rather fiercely, despite the bug's generally lethargic movement.

Thick muscular legs are encased in a tough exoskeleton which 'bells out' at the major joints, and end in hooked claws.

Notes:This insect is a true beetle, possibly a single specie removed from Praya Scarabs, as they differ on so very few characteristics. More information on the scarab will be released as data or specimens are acquired.

Named by and for Phinaou Boss, reputed to be the greatest leklek tinker to ever have lived. If he was the true discoverer of this insect, no remaining specimens from his time have survived to date.

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