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Ortias Fly
Habitat:Southern regions of Ta'Raekhet and Katavyan.
Description:Perhaps a half-thum in overall length, this relative of the common housefly is colored in an improbable mixture of bluish red-violet. Its head is large, compared to other flies, and mostly covered in the multi-faceted eyes typical of the family. Tiny but powerful mandibles beneath the eyes are similar to those of leaf-cutters, but can deliver a stinging bite of molested. Its six feet are appended with flat round disks capable of adhering to very smooth surfaces, perhaps even allowing the fly to light on water. Their bodies are plump and the flies are often mistaken for small bees.
Notes:Named for Ortias, one of the moons of Primordiax due to its coloration, the Ortias fly is a colorful if enigmatic insect. Little of its feeding or mating habits are known, and captured specimens invariably die within several hours of imprisonment, although no one seems to know why.

"Ortias fly at dawn,
The fish are all gone,
Ortias fly at night,
All fish will bite."

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