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Golden Pseudoscorpion
Habitat:Ta'Raekhet and Katavyan.
Description:Pseudoscorpions are arachnids with a flat, pear-shaped body and pincers like those of scorpions. This specie is a metallic yellow, nearly five thums long. Most of the time, their pincers fold in front of them, but are quick to extend when the arachnid is threatened or stalking prey. They move with astonishing speed in either circumstance.
Notes:Also commonly called the book scorpion, they are generally beneficial to humanoids, feeding on many typical pests. Pseudoscorpions can spin silk from a gland in their jaws to make disk-shaped cocoons for concealment and protection while mating, molting, or wintering.

Many cultures capture and raise pseudoscorpions of the golden specie, as their presence is usually held to bring prosperity to a household.

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