Giant silverfish

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The Bug Collection
Giant Silverfish
Habitat:Almost any, but prefer living under rocks amid bark and leaf mold.
Description:Up to six thums in length, this specie has been anecdotally reputed to reach up to a rand or more. Seemingly related to millipedes and centipedes, this insect has dozens of pairs of fragile legs packed tightly to its body. Their undulations create a mesmerizing, or revolting, rippling movement, undoubtedly the source of their misnomer.

Twin feathery antennae protrude from the anterior region of the head, and in some specimens, mock antennae also protrude from the posterior, likely to fool predators.

Notes:Interesting fact: They can go for up to one year without food.

Some specimens of this specie have been recorded at over a rand in length.

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