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Gemane Widow Spider
Habitat:Temperate, dark areas.
Description:Glossy black all over, save for a crimson 'death's head' mark on the dorsal abdomen (which in turn sports twin markings that resemble Gemane, this arachnid is sleek-bodied with eight slender legs. Their abdomen is rather bulbous, ending at the posterior in paired spinarets. Their needle-like fangs are concealed beneath a pair of protective polyps, and they are exceedingly quick and agile.
Notes:The Widow weaves a delicate orb web, and its mainstay prey is typical spider fare, mainly insects. However, their venom is extremely virulent, and the reactions to it range from extreme pain and disfiguring wounds to agonizing death.

Extreme caution should be used in obtaining a Widow specimen, as there is no known antidote for their poison.

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