Flat-backed millipede

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Flat-backed Millipede
Habitat:Katavyan deep jungles.
Description:Less than half a thum thick, but over a rand in length, this venomous jungle arthropod cuts a daunting figure on the jungle floor. Hundreds of paired legs undulate during locomotion, seemingly as a single sheet of fabric rippling beneath the insect. Its coloration alters to suit its location, camouflaging it in shades of green and earthy colors. Its paired antennae are rapid and restless, constantly combing its path for prey or predators. Four intersticing mandibles protrude from just beneath twin orbs that serve as eyes, although their eyesight seems poor. Dozens of segments delineate its long slender shape, each sporting multiple leg pairings.
Notes:Detritivorous in diet generally, it is also known to feed on insects, lizards, mice, voles and baby birds. It makes its home beneath the mulch of the jungle floor, often burrowing deeply into the soil. It shuns light, but seems well adapted to darkness.

The bite of the flatback is often fatal to humanoids.

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