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Hailing from the harsh desert environments of Ta'Raekhet, the tall, dark- skinned Ferami are the fiercest warriors in all Primordiax. As unforgiving and harsh as their homeland, the Ferami consider strength at arms to be the foundation of their civilization. They are an ancient people known for their almost ebony complexion and prowess with nearly every known weapon in the world. While they're closely identified with the arid wastelands of Ta'Raekhet, the Ferami actually emigrated there centuries ago from a tropical island far across the sea that was annihilated during the Sundering. The journey to Ta'Raekhet was long and hard and only the strongest of the Ferami survived it.


Their population has dwindled over the years due to the harshness of their culture and climate, but those who reach adulthood find their services in extremely high demand. Kingdoms often engage in bidding wars to obtain an elite unit of Ferami warriors, for this one factor has often determined the overall result of key battles in major conflicts. Some nobles also try to obtain Ferami as bodyguards. This, however, is nearly impossible to accomplish, unless they're Nanane (pronounced no-NAH-ni). If a warrior should ever be on the losing side of a war, that Ferami loses his or her name and all accumulated status in his or her village. Thus, they become the Nanane, which roughly translates to "no name". The only Ferami warrior- servants are Nanane.

Interestingly, the only people likely to defeat a Ferami unit are other Ferami units, which mean that the largest dealers in Ferami warriors are the Ferami themselves. Ferami rarely fight alone, and thus, they are usually sold in units of twos or fours. Foolish nobles, however, have been known to treat their Ferami as common household servants rather than respected bodyguards. In such instances, Ferami can and will slaughter entire households to return to their homeland or simply to serve a more worthy family. A Ferami warrior must be treated with care and respect at all times. A Nanane can reclaim his or her name by honorably serving their acquirer until the nobles death.


The Ferami culture is a harsh one, filled with brutal battles, tests of strength and courage, and infanticide. The Ferami believe that their battle prowess resides in the color of their skin. The darker the skin, the more potential there is for the strength and skills necessary to be a true Ferami warrior. Children born with lighter skin are taken out to the desert and left to die, and the rare case of albinism is met with horror and revulsion. Many of these children have their throats slit by the family before the mother even rises from childbirth. They are then buried, nameless and unrecognized, in an unmarked grave. Those that do make it to adulthood train every day of their lives for their next great battle.

Though their practice of infanticide seems barbaric to the more civilized cultures, the Ferami honestly believe that forcing a child of light pigmentation to try to survive in their harsh world and its unrelenting sun is true cruelty. Rather than watch a child grow only to meet certain death, they give the infant mercy long before the world can mete out its unforgiving punishments. The Ferami also believe that a child does not truly have a soul until it has been alive for at least ten days. Until then, the body is only a vessel waiting for the right warrior.


Ferami men stand 7.5 to 8 rands tall and weigh approximately 90 to 110 crowns. The women are only slightly shorter and lighter at approximately 7 to 7.5 [[Measurements|rand]s tall and 75 to 95 crowns in weight. They all have extremely dark skin and black, wiry hair. Most never cut their hair, preferring to wear it in tight braids against their scalp. All Ferami wear traditional white linen head wraps that are held in place by bands of metal or leather. Ferami almost never travel without their head covered, and sometimes, the lower half of their face is also covered, leaving nothing for an opponent to see but their sharp, dark eyes.


Though the Ferami are known first and foremost for being warriors, they also excel at creating intricate clay and glass beads which are used in decorating their weapons, their hair, their headpieces, and their clothing.


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