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Herbalism Resource
Emerald Drops
Description:This lovely decorative plant has graceful, long stems with branchings that end in a multitude of tiny green tear drops, forming a delicate fountain shape.
Notes:Also called "emerald fountain"

Hirithel's Herbal History

The origins of emerald drops are unknown, but it is a popular theory that this plant once grew wild in Triskele. Stories say that it was such a popular plant that it was sent far and wide with traveling elves and given as gifts to people in other cities until it could be found virtually everywhere. Whatever the history of the plant, it can now be found primarily in home gardens and greenhouses.

Hirithel's Guide to Edible Plants

The drops from this plant can be picked, dried and stored very well or used fresh from the plant. Primarily used in cooking for a slightly spicy, peppery flavor, but herbalists universally swear by this plant for all digestive disorders. Emerald drops can be eaten directly from the plant, seeped into a tea or broth or cooked into a wide variety of foods.

Hirithel's Gardener's Guide

This is a hearty, easily grown plant, and as such is quite commonly found in any plant-lover's garden. All one needs is a cutting of one small branch. It will root in a glass of water within a few days and transplants easily. The plant can hang outdoors in gardens in full sunlight, on porches in partial shade or indoors as long as it gets a few hours of sunlight a day. It likes misting but can thrive with just basic watering if need be.

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