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Three continents exist on Primordiax, each with its own major city.

Cities are the bastions of civilisation on each of the great landmasses of Primordiax. Whether it be business, adventure, pleasure, entertainment, trade, these services can be found in abundence. Each city houses guilds for all the major professions, resource centres for gathering training and resource gathering tasks, Cleansing centres to remove the dreaded taint from the resources that industrious people collect.

Maybe you just want to share a cold brew with friends in the Inn? In Askagard you will find 'The Rolling Stone Inn', a traditional style inn with rooms of dark beams and stone walls. Or perhaps venture deep into catacombs of Askagard, or maybe for those with a stronger constitution the sewers that all cities house always attract the unknown and unwelcome. Feeling brave? What are the loud squeaks and scratches coming from the abandoned jailhouse of Chemer.

Whatever your desire a city will meet your needs.

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