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Caltrop beetle
Habitat:Deep jungle.
Description:The pyramidal carapace of this brightly colored bug is sharpest on the four corners, and completely covered in thick serrated spines. Almost invisible amongst the spikes are two sets of opaque eyes and a pair of sharp antennae. Six stout legs support the bug's two-to-four-thum long body, and a pair of vestigial wings protrudes slightly from the posterior spine.
Notes:The females of this specie are far larger than the males, and inflict more severe wounds.

This palm-sized insect can be found exclusively in deep jungles, and hopefully not with bare feet. Its hardened carapace, much like its namesake, is a sharpened wedge pointing upward. When threatened, this beetle will withdraw its legs beneath itself presenting only the sharp projection. After one molting, this single spine may be ringed with many smaller ones for greater protection.

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