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Aether Firefly
Habitat:Inland lakes of temperate zones.
Description:While their overall structure is strongly reminiscent of mayflies, the Aether Fireflies lack the fragility of that specie. They are larger, often growing to two thums in length, and live considerably longer. Their wings are thin and translucent, and their bodies are segmented much like many insects of the hymenoptera class, namely ants. Colored in a mottling of light blue and magenta, their most distinctive feature resides in the tail section, which flashes as an independent light source. Twinkling an ethereal blue, the lights of the firefly can be seen for many yards, carving colorful traces in the night sky.
Notes:Mages have long sought an explanation for the fireflies' tail lights, as the glow produced is strikingly similar to aetheric manipulations. Also dubbed 'Wizard Flies', 'Winky Jiens', and 'Lexi's Tears', they remain a mysterious and evocative wonder of nature.

Their diet is strictly herbivorous, preferring plain grasses and clovers, of which they eat precious little.

It is unknown whether the lights of the firefly are produced exclusively by the males during mating season, but both genders produce lights while feeding.

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