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Glossary of terms for Primordiax:
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  • ability: the name of each individual command that a character can perform after having gained the appropriate skill level (hack, backstab, dice). To view your character's abilities, type abilities
  • aggro: holding the attention of an attacking monster; whoever the monster is attacking has aggro.
  • AoE: Area of Effect; spells that have an area of effect from around the target or a radius from the caster.


  • Blessed: player characters that come back after killing blows; they have extended lives (non-permadeath characters)
  • borging: doing things for the sake of gaining XP in a mindless manner
  • buff: any temporary status effect that increases performance of certain skills or stats
  • build: how you have chosen your character's abilities and spent your skill points; this includes the class, profession, and skills you've chosen


  • CC: crowd control, spells that stun or immobilize an enemy when there is more than one involved
  • CvC: clan versus clan; Primordiax's system of advance PvP involving clans, keeps, and territory
  • clan: player developed organization that revolves around a theme; clan founder is permanent
  • class: There are three classes, which determine how one earns xp (combat, crafting, support)
  • crafting: creating finished items by gathering objects and putting them together with commands


  • debuff: any temporary status effect that decreases performance of certain skills or stats
  • DPS: damage per second done by anything that can cause damage
  • DoT: damage over time spells, (ie: 3pts of damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds)



  • fury: stat used for certain special abilities; build up over time (berserkers, etc.)


  • guild: organization of players (may be player created or permanent game fixture) where characters go to train; Guildmaster heads this organization and may be removed through various means


  • HoT: heal over time spells (ie: 3pts of healing every 3 seconds for 12 seconds)


  • ICE: In-character enforced; All characters must stay in character. Roleplaying not mandatory but heavily encouraged.





  • mats: materials used to build crafting items including other crafted items
  • mob: short for mobile, an old mudding term for monsters
  • mount: any object that can be ridden by a player character in order to facilitate movement (horses, donkeys)




  • pbAoE: point blank area of effect, spells that start from your character's feet and go boom
  • profession: determines cheaply trained skills in each class and IC "job" for each character (warrior, enchanter, healer)
  • pulling: drawing one mob into combat from a group of mobs



  • race: species from which a character hails (trulloc, leklek, catfolk)
  • racial mount: a mount that is available only to specific races (slemor)
  • resistance: reduces specific damage types
  • resources: raw items used to craft other items
  • resurrect: to bring back any Blessed character from the dead with reduction in xp loss
  • roleplaying: having a consistent and defined character concept; character reacts based on its own personality rather than the player's personality.


  • skill: the name of each branch of the skill tree; comes in primary, secondary and tertiary form (weaponcraft, melee weapons)
  • skill points: (SP) points obtained at each level and used to advance skill levels
  • spec: another term for character build
  • stats: 9 stats: Agility, Constitution, Strength, Intelligence, Concentration, Logic, Luck, Piety, Charisma; raised by eating well and performing certain exercises.


  • tank: someone who deliberately holds aggro


  • Unblessed: player characters that do not come back after killing blows (permadeath characters)




  • XP: experience points; numerical representation of your character's knowledge. Can be spent to advance your character



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